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Tool Helps Faith Community Network and Provide Assistance to Those in Need More Effectively

Since first being implemented in 2012, faith organizations have used the Charity Tracker database to provide more than $4.5 million in assistance to families and individuals in need.

Charity Tracker is a web-based database that connects faith-based, nonprofit and government organizations to share information, assist those in need, and track funding.

The BEACH Community Partnership provides an annual grant to fund Charity Tracker, and it continues to be a valuable tool for the 35 organizations that currently contribute to use it.

All users are linked by a special email network that allows them to effortlessly send bulletins regarding needs in the community, thus making ongoing communication possible among the members.Recently a grandmother, who is the guardian of her 10-year-old grandson, was assisted in paying her water bill that was scheduled to be disconnected. After her situation was posted in the Charity Tracker bulletin, immediate alerts were sent out to participating Charity Tracker members. Within an hour the bill was paid.

Charity Tracker also has a valuable feature that allows organizations to customize reports. These reports become a great tool for measuring how effectively our community is providing for the needs of the most vulnerable.

For more information or questions on how your organization can use this tool, please contact Nancy Will, Charity Tracker administrator at or (757) 567-4043, or Susan Anders, BEACH Treasurer (757) 554-0122.